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A Record Year for Park Upgrades In Our Ward

Winnipeg City Councillor Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

A commitment I made two years ago during the campaign was to ensure we allocated ward allowances to improve and enhance our community parks.

I'm very proud that with the help of residents and our team at the City of Winnipeg Parks, we have completed several park upgrades in 2020. We have reallocated over $250,000 in our ward funds this summer through various project grants and to City Parks for work.

Park upgrades completed this summer include; Bannatyne Grove, which received a new basketball hoop centered on the pad and had lines painted. Supporting a local parents' group through a grant, Ridgewood West Park saw some beautiful landscaping upgrades this summer. Bedson Park received over $100,000 of new playground equipment, and next year, we will be adding additional play equipment for 5 to 12-year-olds.

An area resident visited our community, took photos, and provided me a detailed list of minor repairs needed. We were able to use our ward budget to address these items. Some of the projects are done while others are scheduled for completion this fall.

Parks needing new or repaired signs included; Parc Morrissette, Dellwood Green, Parc Branconnier, Peri Green, and Charleswood Place. Fraser Meadow also needs a new park sign. The only one is a damaged metal directional sign at Municipal and Rannock.

Other parks requiring signage are Charleswood Memorial Park, Beuchemin Park, Lockhart-McDowell Garden, Gladys Bunn Park, Paulson Park, and Bramble Park.

The resident helped identify the need for new gravel at the entrance of Beuchemin Park and a new basketball hoop for Bannatyne Grove.

The River West Park School and Parent Council are one of those particular groups. They saw a need for the kids in our community and wanted to make positive changes, so they went to work.

They developed a plan to improve a flat, bleak piece of land for the kids. They did fundraising among the parents of students and so much more.

On behalf of the residents I work for in Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood, we approved a Land Dedication grant of $25,000 to meet the financial objective for River Park West planned improvements.

I was also incredibly proud to work with residents in The Oaks to plant several new trees along the fence line facing the Perimeter Highway.

We did focus on our community parks in 2019 by allocating funds to the Scotswood-Glenbush Park Playground, Tom Brown Park, and Edward Shindleman Park.

These are the most rewarding projects for me as an elected official. Working with residents to see their desires for our community become a reality.

Every Councillor has access to Ward specific grants. I view it as your money, which should be allocated to enhancing the quality of life in your community. Let's get it working for you. If your community group of residents group has a particular project or program that could use our support, please call my office at 204 986 5232 or email We can talk about what's available.


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