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A Little Help for Small Business Owners

Small business plays a critical economic role in all cities across Canada. Think of the many successful companies born here in Winnipeg. We should be doing our best to sustain and build a robust economic recovery platform during these most challenging times.

I made a commitment when elected to use my time in office to make Winnipeg better! During the last few months, I have been speaking to other major cities in Canada to learn what they were doing to support local businesses.

I learned about a program that Economic Development Calgary is providing to small businesses. The starter program is a Google Local Search Enhancement tool, and in Calgary, it's has been well received.

This starter program includes a tool used to optimize your businesses' presence in Google searches and help engage potential customers.

I want to be clear that no contract, commitment, or credit card is required. It's simply one of the tools that may promote your business online, and with more and more Winnipegger's wanting to support local business, I felt it might be beneficial.

We must take action and show leadership during these challenging times. City Hall should be your partner and work with you to find creative solutions that will re-launch our economy quickly and lay a strong foundation on which to build on.

Please send me any thoughts you have that will support local businesses and grow our economy. If there is more I can do to help, please call me direct at 204 986 5232.


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