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Below are the commitments I made during the 2018 campaign

I keep them listed here today as a reminder

A reminder of what I work towards everyday

A reminder of what I base my decisions on

A reminder that I work for YOU!

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1. Instead of hiring an assistant, I will appoint a Community Liaison Agent: mandated to work with citizens to maximize their access to City of Winnipeg services and eliminate the unknown red tape issues.

2. I will personally return your phone calls or emails and hold at least 2 Town Halls every year as your City Councillor.

3. I will protect our neighbourhood character, streets and parks.

4. If you ever have trouble with City Hall, I will be there to help you.

5. I will create 3 Advisory Boards. Nobody knows a neighbourhood better than the people who live there. I will create an Advisory Board for Charleswood, for Tuxedo and for Westwood.

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