Below are the commitments I made during the 2018 campaign. I keep them listed here today as a reminder. A reminder of what I work towards everyday. A reminder of what I base my decisions on. A reminder that I work for you.

1.    Instead hiring an assistant, I'll appoint a Community Liaison Agent: mandated to work with citizens to maximize their access to City of Winnipeg services, and eliminate the unknown red tape issues.

2.    I will personally return your phone call or email and hold at least 2 Town Halls every year as your City Councillor. 

3.    I will protect our neighbourhoods character, streets and parks. 

4.    If you ever have trouble with City Hall, I will be there to help you. 

5.    I will create 3 Advisory Boards. Nobody knows a neighbourhood better than the people who live there. I will create an Advisory Board for Charleswood, one for Tuxedo and one for Westwood. 

Lot's Happening
We Try Hard Daily

The pillars of my commitments are Accountability - Openness - Integrity & Leadership.

The foundation of democracy rests on your ability to have your voice heard.  I will be a strong voice for you. I believe it’s the job of a Councillor to represent the will of the people.



I am committed to: 


  • ensuring you have the information you need well in advance of any decisions being made. 

  • conducting a Governance Review – City Hall hasn’t changed its ways in more than 20 years, it’s time. 

  • getting and giving straight answers.

  • holding the government to a higher standard – a standard that you should expect and one that you deserve.



I am committed to:  

  • speaking up for our area and ensuring your voice is heard

  • standing up and doing the right thing - even if it’s not popular

  • representing your interests with honesty, respect, and inclusion.

  • ensuring you are consulted on projects that affect our community and our neighbourhoods

  • informing you, so you know why decisions are being made the way they are. 



I am committed to help bring a more open and responsive civic government to our city and to our neighbourhoods - I will: 

  • establish regular community forums for open discussions of important issues 

  • establish grassroots community advisory groups made up of people from each area to advise on specific neighbourhood concerns

  • work to ensure upgrading of some of our core neighbourhood facilities


Where I stand ​

  • Portage and Main – Not right now. 

  • Transit – More efficient management through fact-based decision-making.  

  • Crime – Review current resource allocations. Improve the city-wide community policing program. Commit to doing what it takes to keep our streets safe. Support our police and emergency response personnel, always.


I plan to represent you with new ideas and a new vision for what good government could and should look like.  


I plan to make our neighbourhoods better, our community better, and our government better.


The Government should work for you – not the other way around.


KLEIN will work for you.