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Kevin Klein

Kevin Klein is experienced and qualified. He over came many challenges, worked hard to climb the ladder of professional success he’s known and respected for today.  Kevin spent over 15 years as a Senior Executive for three of Canada's most recognized companies including his time as Publisher & CEO of the Winnipeg Sun and as a divisional President for MTS responsible for the creation of a new digital division. 

Kevin was recognized as a finalist for Canada's Top Forty Under Forty and for his creation of a business/community funded K-9 Unit for a Police Service in Ontario where he was the Chairman for the Community Division.

My Mom, Joanne

The Face of Domestic Violence 


Did you know every week in Canada, two women are killed by their partner or former partner. Fifty-one percent of women and more than a million children are affected each year by domestic violence, no matter their financial status, ethnicity, or education.

Did you know I am one of those children. As a young adult my life changed on September night, more than I ever realized and more than I accepted. 

My Mom was murdered by her husband who walks free today as he has for years. 

If you would like to more about my Mom or Domestic Violence, please call me.

working FOR YOU 

As your City Councillor for Charleswood - Tuxedo - Westwood, I made a pledge to WORK FOR YOU and I intend to do just that. We will do our best to reply to you in 48 hours or less by phone, email or text. 



The Winnipeg Police provide a platform that allows you check the type of crime that has occurred in your neighborhood.


The Map System can search crime throughout our City.


The information provided on the Crime Map is  3 months behind to ensure details listed have been confirmed.

Click on the Crime Map and follow the prompts.

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Police Board Chair

I'm honoured to have been appointed Chair for the Winnipeg Police Board.

Former Chair, David Asper, did a great job as board chair and I hope to follow a similar path working together to improve the safety of our city

You Deserve to be heard

I have the privilege of listening to large and small groups of taxpayers in Charleswood - Tuxedo - Westwood. If your street has an issue and you wish to talk, email me and we will arrange a time.


I committed to holding Town Halls to keep you informed. 

Keep checking back for details on our first Town Hall and Coffee with Klein coming in December.


Working for YOU!

Charleswood 55+ Centre

The Charleswood 55+ Centre is a wonderful example of what our community can do, over 400 members use this facility on a regular basis.

We have an aging population and it's our obligation to honour our elders. We need to work with communities and give them the support to create similar groups. 

Westwood Advisory Board

I made a commitment to form Advisory Boards in the community, if elected, I'm so proud we held that all three groups have had their first meeting!

These groups are filled with skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate people for our community. I’m very proud to be sitting at the same table with each of them.

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