Westwood Resident Advisory Group

During the campaign I committed to creating three Advisory Boards, one each for Charleswood, Tuxedo and Westwood. I'm very proud to announce this has been achieved! 

Nobody knows a neighbourhood better than the people who live there. The Advisory Boards are comprised of volunteers who bring unique knowledge and skills to the table. The boards offer advice and support for my consideration in the community. Members review suggestions, requests and concerns to help identify opportunities, issues and possible resolutions. 

Working Together listening, communicating, and developing local solutions. 

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The Westwood Resident Advisory Group


The group meets at Smitty's on Portage monthly. Judy Saxby is our lead advisor and has helped assemble a strong group of dedicated members of our community. They are Judy, Karen, Chuck, Jennifer, Janet, Mike, Kurt, Angela, Fletcher, Kristi, and Sharon.

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Oak Park High School - January 11, 2019

I spent some time with High School students Friday. Why? I want young people engaged in politics, because they're our future. We'll need them to take care of us. But we're leaving them a crippling debt, environmental issues, crumbling infrastructure, growing crime rates & more.


We should consider them in every decision & plan with their kids in mind. That's why I went to them, with four specific questions, so I could listen & learn.


Q - If you could have anything in Charleswood what would it be?


A - We had some fun with Wendy's & Taco Bell, but these young folks said they wanted stores close to them. They wanted places they could shop, not everyone buys online. One young lady said a "Safe Place" for us. Many people our age are stressed out, struggling & have no place to go, no quiet or safe place, she said.


That answer has stayed with me since. We've all had those moments, we know how hard it is to feel alone. I know we can do something, intend to get to work, now, to solve this problem. I'm not sure how, but I am sure that our young people deserve it. If you have ideas or just feel you have to help our young people - email me anytime.


If you're a teacher lets engage your young people in government, email me.

Oak Park High School Q & A  (PART 2)

As promised, here's #2 in Q & A with the Oak Park High Students Friday.

ME - Do you feel safe Downtown and what does it need more of to get you there?

STUDENTS - The majority, as this was a raise your hand, was "Yes" I feel safe. Why? They go to hockey games, special events like Canada Day, but I don't go at night, said one student.

Part 2 of the question: What would make you go Downtown more? Teacher jumped in with a great exception, it can't be hockey related. If there was more stores to see, said one. "If parking was free also safe", said another. Most said they go to the Forks often, not much to do Downtown was the majority. But - one student said it best - they never say anything good about downtown. Right!!

That's a great answer & completely honest. Every major city has struggled with their cores, we've made some steps forward, but it's time to change it up and try a New Approach. The more people living Downtown the safer it becomes, fact. We need incentives for people to live downtown. We need to incentivize businesses, grocery stores, locally owned shops to move downtown.

We need to be actively courting Tech Companies to make Winnipeg home. We could be the TECH Capital of Canada, if we did the work. We, elected officials, need to show companies we want their jobs! Help attract events targeted to younger demographics. It's time to "Change It UP" If you want to Open Up Winnipeg. I'm happy show & tell anyone WHY Winnipeg is the choice.

We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Let's think & act differently, do have an idea or suggestion? Email me kevink@kevinklein.ca

Oak Park High School Q & A  (PART 3)

We continue with the students at Oak Park High School.


I asked them about Transit.

Q - What would you rather have in #Winnipeg BRT or LRT?

Answer - overwhelmingly yes to LRT. I’ll admit some weren’t familiar with LRT, but the teachers helped describe the system with other cities as examples. We even had a good discussion regarding the financial impact. We talked about the advantages of building it sooner rather than later. They even knew waiting meant would cost us more and more as prices increase every year.

We did discuss their frustration with transit today. We all agreed it’s important to have an efficient & economical transit system that meets the needs of users. These young people want to stay here and they want their City to grow!