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You Can Win While we Support Local

WINNIPEG - Today we launched something completely different. Something that will support local businesses and give you a chance to have fun and win.

Monday through Friday we'll ask three questions that will all have something to do with Winnipeg. You visit and play Klein's Quiz (I had no budget for a better name). Each day you can win a gift card from a local business.

You can have fun and learn while we support locally owned businesses. Many of these local business owners are friends and neighbours. They support community events, sponsor sports teams, provide jobs and more. Many are there when needed and it's our turn to be there when they need us most and that's now.

Please join us and play every day, tell your friends to play and lets have some fun and learn about our City.

One final thought, if you know a small business that could use support from our community please email, if we help each other we will get through this together.


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