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Winnipeg's Venture Healthcare Donated Thousands of PPE

By Councillor Kevin Klein

WINNIPEG - A family owned Winnipeg Company stepped up today to help our community. Venture Healthcare began looking to source personal protective equipment at the end of March to fill the gap until the government was able to meet the demand. On April 2 the company started a GoFundMe campaign – Masks for Manitoba where they committed to provide $50,000 in N95 masks and an additional $25,000 in cash to fund the purchase of additional personal protective equipment. The hope was the commitment would rally the community to donate.

The Kines Family wanted to give the opportunity to those who had the ability to contribute and participate at ground zero. The experience has been an adventure as sourcing product was certainly not easy with the squeeze on supply at a global level. Prices were a moving target and product destined to arrive was delayed or simply did not arrive.

Thursday, April 30th - Venture Healthcare delivered a utility trailer full of 150,000 units N95 masks and nitrile exam gloves to the Province of Manitoba’s Shared Health drop off depot. A total value of approx. $90,000.

Venture Healthcare is the primary provider of nursing services to First Nation & Inuit communities throughout Canada. It is family owned and operated and has over 1000 employees.


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