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Police Board Chair's Motion a Concern

City Councillor Kevin Klein serving Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood

It is disheartening for me to watch the "Failed Security Check Saga" unfold at City Hall. It's making people question the integrity of our Police Service and that of some Elected Officials.

The lack of leadership is unacceptable for a billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded, organization. There is no excuse for this behaviour, this needs to be addressed with clarity and confidence.

I was thinking about how, during my private sector life, we would have addressed a similar situation. People would be immediately be reminded that when in specific positions you need to adhere to a higher standard. People would likely receive suspensions and terminations.

But how does our City leadership respond?

The new Winnipeg Police Board (WPB), Chair Markus Chambers, has moved a motion to consider having the security check performed. I see this as a vote of non-confidence in our Winnipeg Police Service. Chambers spoke to the motion in a recent Winnipeg Sun article, click here.

Why are we attempting to change a policy because for the first time in history a City Councillor failed a security check. A few years ago a Provincial appointee to the WPB failed a Security Check, nobody acted to change the policy then, why now.


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