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What You Didn't Hear or Read About the $36 Million Body Cams

WINNIPEG, MB. - A few months back, Kevin Klein moved a motion to outfit members of the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) with Body Worn Cameras, that motion was defeated.

City Councillors Janice Lukes and Scott Gillingham opposed the idea. Councillor Chambers, the new Police Board Chair, said the public didn't want cameras, and the funding could be better used. That's was a month ago. Fast forward to today, Chambers introduced a request for $36 million to outfit the WPS with body-worn cameras, and then some.

Klein quickly pointed out that the taxpayer money requested was inflated and unnecessary. "This deceitful method of budgeting is status quo at City Hall and it must stop now," siad Klein.

In the video below, Klein speaks at the Winnipeg City Council Meeting on June 24, 2021.

Read the facts for yourself:


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