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Ward Grant for Charleswood Historical Society

Winnipeg City Councillor Kevin Klein

"Imagine, Charleswood was a buffalo crossing for thousands of years, then used by Aboriginal people, the Metis, and Red River Settlers."

Are you aware of the incredible work that the volunteers of the Charleswood Historical Society does in our community?

They run community and school programs, send out a monthly Charleswood Historical Society Newsletter, they operate the Charleswood Museum, I donated a newspaper from over 100-years-ago and then there is Caron House.

The Catholic Parish of St. Charles was created in 1859, in the area now known as Charleswood. Since the 1820s, Metis families had lived in the area, and it was used as a popular wintering spot for those who took part in the spring and summer buffalo hunts. Sitting on higher ground than Winnipeg proper, the area was at a lower risk of flooding and was desirable farmland.

English settlers were arriving en masse from eastern Canada and the United Kingdom in the 1850s and 1860s, drawn to the expansive land in the west. In an effort to maintain Manitoba's francophone population, Bishop Tache of St. Boniface worked to attract immigrants from both Quebec and France. Tache's pitch worked, and French settlers began arriving in Charleswood in 1876.

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The Charleswood Historical Society even tests your knowledge of history in our community and the City of Winnipeg.

Do you know the answers? Check and see by clicking here.

Maybe now you'll understand why, when the volunteers approached us for a little financial assistance, on behalf of you, we jumped to help.

It is with honour that I announce the residents of Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood provided a Per-Capita Grant for $600.00.

We had never visited the Charleswood Museum until 2018, we've been back a few times. No, not because of where I work, it's because the items and stories are incredible. Take your kids to show them the old household items, equipment, and an old phone.

I would be remiss if I didn't take this moment to "Thank" the many volunteers who donate hours upon hours to preserve Charleswood History. We appreciate you and your passion for our community.

Imagine, Charleswood was a buffalo crossing for thousands of years, then used by Aboriginal people, the Metis, and Red River Settlers.

I know that some of you believe our roads must be the original roads from the buffalo crossing days. Our streets are not that bad, and I will continue to push for a reasonable approach to address more of our streets.


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