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Three Councillors Work Together to Provide Funding That Will Support Our Homeless Community

WINNIPEG, MB. - The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for community partners like the Lighthouse Missing, who serves those impacted by housing challenges. The Mission provides warm and nutritious food, outdoor and indoor clothing, and most importantly, daily care, compassion, and a place to warm up or cool down.

The Lighthouse Mission is often at capacity and required to turn people away, seeking a place to get out of the elements and have a warm meal.

In a conversation with Pastor Daniel Emond of the Light House Mission, Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) said he learned what's critically needed right now is more space to support more people.

The Lighthouse Mission is eager to turn its building at 667 Main Street into an emergency shelter space. Their fundraising campaign is underway, and three Winnipeg city councillors have stepped up with funding to ensure the work begins quickly.

Klein noticed a social media discussion between Councillor Scott Gillingham (St. James) with a Lighthouse Mission representative. "I reached out to Councillor Gillingham suggesting we work together," said Klein.

"Lighthouse Mission has been compassionately serving Winnipeg's vulnerable population for over 100 years. I'm glad to join my council colleagues in providing financial support to Lighthouse Mission's expansion project," said Councillor Scott Gillingham (St. James).

Klein said he also shared the project details with Councillor Shawn Nason (Transcona).

"There are many partners in our community supporting those that are experiencing homelessness with temporary living, with many like Lighthouse Mission they receive very limited funds," said Nason. "Providing the $20,000 from available Transcona Community Incentive Grant funding is supporting our entire community of Winnipeg."

The three Councillors provided $65,000 in total funding with $20,000 from both Councillors Nason and Gillingham and $25,000 from Klein, who said, "I'm very proud of how we worked together in the best interest of others in our community."


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