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Rude & Unethical Words Used to Describe City Hall

WINNIPEG, MB - A resident group sends an email itemizing their frustrations, including some councillors' unethical behaviour, in dealing with City Hall to the Mayor, all City Council members, and the media.

The South Osborne Residents Group did what many want to do but haven't because of what may happen if they did. Councillor Kevin Klein (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) said he wasn't shocked by the contents of the email. "I have experienced this behaviour myself when appearing before the Mayor's Executive Policy Committee. These are colleagues. Surely, they will listen and want to discuss alternatives, collaborate. Well, I was wrong.

Klein said he has heard from other residents and colleagues that some Councillors on the Mayors EPC do not want to collaborate or listen to different opinions, not at all.

What do the facts suggest? 95% of the policy changes passed at the city council are developed by a member of the Mayor's inner circle, comparing that success rate to a non-EPC Councillor and seeing a significant gap.

When he first took office two years ago, Klein said a colleague told him he should stop questioning the Public Service so much; they are the experts.

Klein said he could disagree more with that colleague. "I was elected to represent the best interest of the residents I work for, and that means I will ask questions, and I will hold people, no matter what position they hold, accountable."

"I feel terrible for the Osborne Residents Group, and we work for them. They pay our salary. The behaviour is unacceptable. What they said in their letter is proof that at Winnipeg City Council, collaboration is another of the many half-truths consistently used to hide behind the facts. The attitude at City Hall is one of the many fundamental changes we need to make," said Kevin Klein.

Below, Hal Anderson of 680 CJOB speaks with Klein about the resident associations letter.

Here are the actual emails sent by the Osborne Residents Association.

The resident group sent a second email that included their responses to the current Governance Review.

"This is why people need to get engaged in the Governance Review," sad Kevin Klein


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