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Outrageous Water & Sewer Bills and You Are on Your Own

WINNIPEG, MB. - Some residents across Winnipeg are receiving water and sewer bills in the thousands of dollars and what action has the city taken to help? Suggested they pay the bill first and then make applications to have it lowered is one form of action.

Councillor Kevin Klein has received calls and emails from residents worried and concerned about their bill and what to do next. One resident telling Klein she will have to sell the house because she cannot afford the bill.

In some cases the water bills are high because of a water leak. In the past, a homeowner would be responsible for the cost of leaks on their property. Now in most cases the city forces residents to pay for repairs from the home to the the connection point in the middle of the road.

The result of this, EPC council members approved change, is more risk for residents, higher insurance in some cases, and repair bills in the tens of thousands. Don't forget that seven or ten thousand dollar water bill.

Klein said, "the city has a monopoly on water and sewer service, and that has resulted in dismal customer service and rates that are inching closure and closure to your property tax bill.

We need to change this.


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