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How Can This Decision Be Defended?

WINNIPEG, MB. - People try to paint me as always disagreeing with leadership City Hall, just for the sake of disagreeing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I campaigned I committed to being open with residents, and I will continue to inform you of issues I believe you need to know.

And one that stands out is how city council voted with respect to the Mayor of Winnipeg's expense account is $1.8 million. This is the second-highest Mayor's expense account in Canada. A few hundred thousand below Toronto and higher than Montreal or Vancouver.

I don't blame the Mayor. The council members could change that if there was the desire.

A non-EPC councillor had a desire to make changes to that expense account and moved a motion to ensure the Mayor's expenses had transparent accountability. The Mayor's office is not required to provide full details on expenditures.

That motion lost as it was voted down by Councillor Chambers and the councillors who make up EPC, the inner circle.

These are unacceptable decisions with your tax dollars made at City Hall. We can do better.


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