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Here We Go Again Winnipeg!

The City of Winnipeg is once again answering to allegations of financial mismanagement. This time, within Public Works Department, as first reported in the Winnipeg Free Press.

A couple of my colleagues quickly reacted to the media reports suggesting a call for meetings to hear from the Public Service. A significant change in their position over the last two terms. Unfortunately, their calls to action will fall short of resolving the issues at the City of Winnipeg. We need a more structured and more extensive scope approach.

Watch this video for more from Kevin Klein

As mentioned in my video an Audit Report was completed. So, what was the result of the report? Yeap, you're right, nothing once again.

Here is the full report.

Download PDF • 220KB

If I were in charge, I would call on an independent third-party review with public results without the many edits in today's government. I would also implement zero-based budget reviews in every department over the next four years, which I have tried on multiple occasions at council with no support from the Finance Chair or any member of the Executive Policy Committee.

We need leadership and a council that is not afraid to challenge the status quo and hold people accountable at City Hall.


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