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enforcement measures

(City of Winnipeg Release)

WINNIPEG – The City’s Community Service Ambassadors (CSAs) and By-Law Enforcement Officers conducted 234 patrols in City of Winnipeg parks, open spaces, and athletic fields throughout the city since Saturday, April 11. The CSAs and By-Law Enforcement Officers are providing information to residents gathering in large groups and those using closed City amenities, and reminding residents of the health and safety recommendations that are currently in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m very grateful for the vast majority of Winnipeggers who have and continue to respect the public health orders made by the provincial government,” said Mayor Bowman. “It is encouraging to see the positive engagement our Community Service Ambassadors had with citizens over the weekend and no penalties handed out. I hope to see Winnipeggers continue their dedication with these measures as we continue to face this global pandemic together.” The following is a three day summary of enforcement activities undertaken by our CSAs and By-Law Enforcement Officers, from April 11 to April 13, 2020:

• Number of parks patrolled: 234 • Number of positive interactions: 819 • Number of social distancing warnings (verbal): 12 • Number of large group warnings (verbal): 1 • Number of closed facilities warnings (verbal): 32 • Number of tickets issued: 0 A detailed daily breakdown of the data is available online on the City’s Open Data portal. We will continue to publish this data online, recapping the previous day’s enforcement activities. “While the initial numbers from our enforcement efforts in City parks and open spaces is encouraging, it’s really important that residents continue to put into practice the province’s health and safety recommendations and respect our facility closures,” said Jason Shaw, Manager of the City’s Emergency Operations Centre. “We all have a role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and we have to keep working together to flatten the curve.” Up to 44 CSAs and over 20 By-Law Enforcement Officers may be patrolling throughout Winnipeg at any given time throughout the day. They have all received training, follow safe work procedures, are equipped with supplies including hand sanitizers, and have been directed to physically distance when engaging with residents. Residents who observe individuals in contravention of the province’s public health orders or City park amenities closures are advised to contact 311.


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