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City Leadership Request Unacceptable

WINNIPEG, MB. - Councillor Klein says the request of the City of Winnipeg leadership to support their selection of projects for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) is unacceptable.

Klein said he was astounded by the lack of respect that a select group of duly elected officials receives from this Administration and Leadership.

"We learn that Public Servants were directed to provide a list of projects, and I quote, weeks ago. It is unacceptable that with such a significant opportunity for the residents we represent that not all Councillors were privy to crucial information," said Klein.

Councillor Klein has sent an official request to explain why the Public Service did not equally inform all council members. And why the Administration did not approach all councillors for individual ward priorities, their residents would want.

"I must say, said Klein, it is almost as if the information is being withheld deliberately to prevent some from performing their duties to the best of their ability."

Bruce Coville once said, "Controlling the flow of information is a tool of a dictatorship management style."

Klein said he feels this practice has gone on far too long at city hall and is far too serious not to take action, given that residents in many wards of the city are not being treated equally.


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