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Oak Park High School - January 11, 2019

I spent some time with High School students Friday. Why? I want young people engaged in politics, because they're our future. We'll need them to take care of us. But we're leaving them a crippling debt, environmental issues, crumbling infrastructure, growing crime rates & more.


We should consider them in every decision & plan with their kids in mind. That's why I went to them, with four specific questions, so I could listen & learn.


Q - If you could have anything in Charleswood what would it be?


A - We had some fun with Wendy's & Taco Bell, but these young folks said they wanted stores close to them. They wanted places they could shop, not everyone buys online. One young lady said a "Safe Place" for us. Many people our age are stressed out, struggling & have no place to go, no quiet or safe place, she said.


That answer has stayed with me since. We've all had those moments, we know how hard it is to feel alone. I know we can do something, intend to get to work, now, to solve this problem. I'm not sure how, but I am sure that our young people deserve it. If you have ideas or just feel you have to help our young people - email me anytime.


If you're a teacher lets engage your young people in government, email me.

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I made a commitment to Westwood. It's important to do what I said I would do for the people who put their trust in me.   

December 13, 2018

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As promised on the election campaign, the ward name now officially includes Westwood. Including all communities was important to taxpayers and I'm proud I could accomplish this quickly.