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Mission & Values


Presenting ideas and a new vision of what good government could and should look like

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  • Ensuring you have the information you need well in advance of any decisions being made.

  • Conducting a Governance Review. City Hall hasn't changed its way in more than 20 years. It's time. 

  • Getting and giving straight answers.

  • Holding the government to a higher standard. A standard that you should expect and one that you deserve.

  • Speaking up for our area and ensuring your voice is heard.

  • Standing up and doing the right thing ~ even if it's not popular.

  • Representing your interests with honesty, respect and inclusion.

  • Ensuring you are consulted on projects that affect our community

  • Informing you so you know why decisions are being made the way they are.

  • Bring a more open and responsive civic government to our city and neighbourhoods.

  • Establish regular community forums for open discussions of important issues.

  • Establish grassroots community advisory groups made of people from each area to advise on specific neighbourhood concerns.

  • Work to upgrading some of our core neighbourhood facilities.

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