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Winnipeg Sun

City needs to clear public service fund backlog said Councillor Kevin Klein

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CBC Manitoba 

City of Winnipeg has been sitting on millions in unspent infrastructure funds for decades

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Winnipeg Sun

Klein calls for new ambulance service contract, and answers.

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Global News Winnipeg

Safety beacons in Winnipeg school zones caught in more red tape, says councillor

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CITY TV Winnipeg


Winnipeg restaurant vs City officials

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Winnipeg Free Press


City residents don't need trap counts to tell them when mosquito population rises

Community Conversations Story July 2020.

Indo-Canadian Telegram


First "Community Conversations for a Better Winnipeg" Held at Assiniboine Park


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Cash for Winnipeg's over-stretched legal department held back as councilors question courtroom track record  

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Winnipeg Sun


Accusations of police misconduct need investigating, says former police board chair  

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Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg says it already came to the table with tax breaks for restaurants