Winnipeg Sun

City needs to clear public service fund backlog said Councillor Kevin Klein

CBC Manitoba 

City of Winnipeg has been sitting on millions in unspent infrastructure funds for decades

Winnipeg Sun

Klein calls for new ambulance service contract, and answers.

Global News Winnipeg

Safety beacons in Winnipeg school zones caught in more red tape, says councillor

CITY TV Winnipeg


Winnipeg restaurant vs City officials

Winnipeg Free Press


City residents don't need trap counts to tell them when mosquito population rises

Indo-Canadian Telegram


First "Community Conversations for a Better Winnipeg" Held at Assiniboine Park



Cash for Winnipeg's over-stretched legal department held back as councilors question courtroom track record  

Winnipeg Sun


Accusations of police misconduct need investigating, says former police board chair  

Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg says it already came to the table with tax breaks for restaurants

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