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During the campaign I committed to creating three Advisory Boards, one each for Charleswood, Tuxedo and Westwood. I'm very proud to announce this has been achieved! 

Nobody knows a neighbourhood better than the people who live there. The Advisory Boards are comprised of volunteers who bring unique knowledge and skills to the table. The boards offer advice and support for my consideration in the community. Members review suggestions, requests and concerns to help identify opportunities, issues and possible resolutions. 

Working Together listening, communicating, and developing local solutions. 

Charleswood Advisory Group

The Charleswood Advisory Group meets at the Park West Inn monthly. Evan Duncan is lead advisor and has helped retain a strong group of dedicated members of our community.

Meet the members:

Evan, Tony, Karl, Jessica, Mike, David, Karlee, Sabrina, Angela, Braden, Tim, and Dean

Tuxedo Advisory Group

The Tuxedo Advisory Group meets at various locations in the area monthly. Michale and Jason are our co-lead advisors and have recruited a strong group of dedicated members of our community. We have room for a few more on our Tuxedo group if you're interested.

Meet the members:

Michael, Jason, Bonita, David, Alex, Sheryl, Tim, and Barry.

Westwood Advisory Group

The Westwood Advisory Group meets at Smitty's on Portage monthly. Judy Saxby is our lead advisor and has helped assemble a strong group of dedicated members of our community.

Meet the members:

Judy, Karen, Chuck, Jennifer, Janet, Mike, Kurt, Angela, Fletcher, Kristi, and Sharon.

Want to know when the next Advisory meeting or town Hall will be held?