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Minor Hockey

President of FGNHA Minor Hockey association 2 - years  /  Past President 2- Years / Vice President of Officials (Active)

Referee in Chief  (Active)

An active Senior level Hockey Canada on ice official. Mentor to young officials and evaluator of minor hockey officals.

3rd Degree Blackbelt 

3rd Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do - 3rd Dan - (Active) Volunteer Tae Kwon Do Instructor to children involved in a special after school community centre program.


Member of the Board of Directors for CJNU FM - Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative Inc -  (Active)

Manitoba Woman's Jr. Hockey

Former Referee in Chief for Manitoba Woman’s Junior Hockey League (Past). Played out of the IcePlex, this league showcases the talents of young Winnipeg Women.

Asper School of Business

Associate for Asper School of Business 2007 to 2013 (Past)

Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors for Manitoba Chamber of Commerce & Finance Committee member. (Past)

Prairie Action Foundation

Executive Board Member - Prairie Action Foundation (Past)

Better Business Bureau

Board of Directors - Better Business Bureau - Manitoba & North Western Ontario  (Past)

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